The Rise and Fall of the Soros Thugs

This is why Trump won! The American people are absolutely disgusted with these sickly beta-male, devil worshipping, rich spoiled brats that spent $100,000 on a gender studies degree and received nothing in return but safe spaces, trigger warnings, and participation trophies. Their “academic” training has not prepared them for any useful vocation, so they resort to throwing temper tantrums in the streets of DC. When Trump wants to give them jobs, they declare they are going to resist him and claim racism.

You can tell a movement by how it treats the least of society. These SorosThugs march for women’s rights while perpetuating violence towards women. They decry racism while calling blacks some of the worst racial epithets ever uttered. They pretend to care about the elderly and disabled while they throw them on the ground and beat them half to death with canes.They shout “fascist” and “Nazi” to their adversaries while demonizing political enemies and censoring speech. The most privileged whites yell F*** whites. They bash capitalism while making $50/hr to disrupt. Ironic of all, they commit these mass atrocities against the human race while holding up signs that read “Love Trumps Hate.” These wanna-be-thugs are indoctrinated into mentally-ill babies. They are then left to be useful idiot victim’s for their CIA, ISIS, and Globalists overlords. Throwing demonic fits in the streets of our nation’s capital, they decry the cis-normative white heterosexual patriarchy; their version of Klingon used to impose their ill-conceived pseudo-intellectual pedagogy upon the working class. When asked what they are protesting, they can not answer with facts; only ad-hominem nonsense and physical violence.

After being coddled for 26 years; told they were special and that their stupid opinions mattered, they are now getting the wake-up call of a lifetime. 240 of these SorosThugs have been charged with terrorism and face $25,000 fines along with ten-year prison sentences. Do they still think it is fun to destroy private property and beat on our women? Obama is no longer president and they will have to accept that there are now consequences to their actions. The free for all is over and we now have a leader in the White House.

They were warned not to rear their ugly heads and did anyway. By not heeding our warning, they have only exposed themselves and have accomplished absolutely nothing. They did not stop Trump from winning the electoral college. They did not halt the inauguration (it was the largest audience in history), and today when I woke up Trump was still president. I thereby urge them to reconsider, have some humility, and please retreat to their mom’s basement before they are completely destroyed.

Our God is bigger than their god and good will always triumph over evil. We will drive out their hate with our love. We will drive out their darkness with our light. Only 5% of people in modern times have ever lived in freedom and once lady liberty’s flame is extinguished, it will be gone forever. While the real Americans stand by ready to reclaim our birthright, the rioters have sadly proved they are not yet deserving of liberty.