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Welcome America to the Third Great Awakening!

It is less than two days until Trump takes office, and the left is busy pulling out all the stops; grasping for straws to make sure that the election is invalidated and the peoples’ will is not done. Maxine Waters is calling for Trump’s impeachment for referring to Hillary as ‘crooked’; deciding the Russians made him do it. Rosie O’Donnell is pushing for Martial Law to be enacted. Top Trump confidantes have been poisoned, and the CIA is calling for the election results to be invalidated; effectively handing Obama a lifetime appointment to the Presidency of these United States of America. Reports have come out accusing Members of Congress of withholding tickets, and the fake news prevaricators continue to disseminate disinformation to the populace in efforts to suppress inauguration turnout. Disrupt J20 participants are being paid $1500 apiece to cause chaos and their plots to utilize chemical weapons on Trump supporters have been exposed.

Over the weekend, John Lewis called Trump illegitimate and a Russian spy, an allegation that, if true, would mean execution. Therefore, a sitting U.S. representative was caught inciting an elected president’s assassination, in following a set-up that seemed to have come directly from the White House. In response, Trump invited Lewis to reach across the aisle and work with his administration to improve inner-city communities like the ones in Lewis’ district. When it is clearly the MSM that is physically attacking Trump supporters, it is laughable that they defamed Trump; declaring that Trump physically attacked a black man when all he did was send a tweet to defend himself after the left went out of their way to pick a fight. How dare Trump want to make things better for the citizens in Lewis’ district. What a racist. They said an attack on Lewis, a 40-year corrupt career politician that got hit in the head once 70 years ago, was an attack on America. In their false equivocating, they implied Trump was as bad as Jihadists that did attack America. It just goes to show how out of touch the elites really are. It is a process called projection. They are aware that they are the true racist, anti-American bigots, so they are forced to call their opponents these terrible names to conceal their true motives. The orchestration continued. When Trump was barred from entrance into the black history museum, it was then reported that Trump refused to celebrate MLK day.

Then, it was announced that Toby Keith would be headlining the Make America Great Again welcome celebration. Leftists called him White Trash, redneck, racist, talentless, and a nobody. I contend those that those that attack Toby Keith attack America.

In the heyday of the Tea Party back in 2010, I came to Washington, D.C. for the very first time to attend a protest against Obamacare. There were thousands in attendance, including media and lots of cameras. John Lewis then claimed that protesters shouted the “N-word” at him as he walked through the crowd saying, ““It surprised me that people are so mean and we can’t engage in a civil dialogue and debate.” The late great Andrew Breitbart went on to offer a $100,000 donation to the Negro College Fund in exchange for the video evidence. Surprise, surprise there was no video.

While John Lewis, the so-called civil rights leader, was busy race-baiting, creating division, and getting free publicity here at home, Toby Keith was overseas, in Iraq and Afghanistan giving concerts and entertaining our soldiers, free of charge. Toby Keith is known to be one of the most ardent supporters of our U.S. military, stating you don’t have to support the war but should always support the troops. He is known to play shows in some of the most dangerous parts of the Middle East, where other USO performers are too afraid to go. On the battlefield, soldiers listen to his patriotic tunes to boost morale. Toby’s restaurant chain even provides a free meal to those that have served their country. In truth, the left is upset that Toby will be playing the inauguration because it means the people, not the elite will be represented. At Trump’s inauguration, there will be songs about God and country; not about cop-killing and date-rape as the left are used to.

Contrast this with Obama’s inauguration performance picks; people like Beyonce who has vociferously defended cop-killers Black Lives Matter as well as the black supremacist organization, the New Black Panthers party. She does not go overseas to perform for the troops. Instead, she goes overseas to play for the enemies, raking in millions to perform for former Libyan dictator, Quadaffi.

Beyonce is treated like royalty in this country, unAmericanly provided with a title of queen. When conservatives criticized her Super Bowl appearance, they were called racist. However, when liberals utilize overtly racial tropes against Toby Keith for continuing to perform for his country, they are called heroes on MLK day; when we celebrate a guy who wanted to bring people together regardless of skin color.It just goes to show the Left does not want unity. It is of no use for their political ends. They need to retain their Saul Alinsky tactics to keep the people sick, uneducated, unhappy, and miserable. This attitude undermines the real heroes: the military, the police, the firefighters, and others that actually serve the people.

Last week, the Anne Frank Center happily exploited the death of a young girl to attack Donald Trump for comparing the MSM’s demonization of their political enemies to what was done in the Third Reich. Meanwhile, Anne Frank’s step sister gets a free pass for calling Trump the next Hitler and is celebrated in the media. At the end of World War II, humanity made a sacred promise to “Never Forget.” We will not and can not go back on this solemn vow now. In more projection, the left continues to demonize their political enemies, put out fake news, call citizens deplorable and illegitimate, and commit conspiracy to gas those that oppose their ideology. We will remain ever so vigilant.

On the eve of the election in 2008, I found myself on my knees weeping for my country; begging for God to let the cup of an Obama presidency pass. “The country can not take eight years of that”, I reasoned. In the end, I conceded that if an Obama administration was His will, then let it be done. When many became angry with Him over the direction the country was taking, I refused the arrogance to question His plan. There was peace deep within me that could not be shaken no matter how hard I tried; feeling that He had given us an Obama to push the country to the end, open the eyes of the people, and inspire change within our nation. Since Trump won the presidency, I wake up every morning with an extra spring in my step, energized and ready to go fight the Globalists, the Statists, and anyone else that stands in the way of human freedom. At night, I am unable to sleep as there is a childlike excitement within me; the kind one would get the night before Christmas. There now exists renewed hope for not just the country but the world as once again we will set a new standard and be the light so desperately needed in this dark, desolate universe. When America had given up on God, removing Him from society and censoring His name, He refused time and time again to give up on us. Like the prodigal son that squandered his birthright, the delighted father forgives him and welcomes him home. We are all the prodigal son. Through His Devine Providence and mercy, God has given us Trump. He has kept his end of the bargain like He always does. We must keep ours. In thanksgiving, we must atone; humble ourselves, pray, and seek His face. In return, He will forgive our many transgressions and save the Republic.

For as we have been told, “For everything there is a season: A time to tear, and a time to sew; a time to keep silence, and a time to speak; a time to love, and a time to hate; a time of war, and a time of peace. For the last 100 years, they have told us to tear when we wanted to sow. They have told us to be silent when we had something to say, they have bred hatred when we wanted to love, they have created war when we wanted peace. Their time is over. For as prophecy tells us, The eyes of the arrogant will be humbled and human pride brought low; the LORD alone will be exalted in that day. Vengeance is the Lord’s and his alone. He will not hold them guiltless. Make no mistake, there is nowhere they can run to and nowhere they can hide where He won’t find them. He will expose them, discredit them and destroy them once and for all.

Tomorrow, I will head down to DC to take part in celebrating the successes of our new movement to make America great again and get back for the people what the globalists have stolen for themselves for way too long. They can slander us, intimidate us, harass us, subjugate us, beat us, prosecute us, censor us, come after our families, imprison us, or God forbid kill us but we will never stop our resistance, and they will never lay siege to our humanity. That is the one thing that is uniquely ours and ours alone; something they will never have or even understand. In the end, they will be defeated. Like King David crushed Goliath, our armies will crush theirs with the almighty hand of God. Adonai li lo irah! I will not be intimidated. I will not roll over and play dead. I will not comply with the left’s rules. I am not ashamed of being an American, and they can call me what they want to. I believe in free speech, American values, and pure Americana.

Authoritarian tactics will not change who the people elected. When you call Trump a Russian agent, then please know that I too am a Russian agent. If you come to punish Trump, punish me first. When you make threats to boycott the inauguration, I will not hang my head and cry. Instead, I will ask you if that is, in fact, a promise. Trump won without your help and Friday we will start making America great again, with or without your help. That is the fundamental difference between you and us. You are afraid to make America great again because it means you will lose your ability to control the people and force your self-serving agenda. If you silly globalists really think you can overtake us, let me tell you right here and right now that you are sadly mistaken. Our movement is about driving out your hate with our love and driving out your darkness with our light. With God on our side, nothing will be impossible and good will always conquer evil.

To every NWO globalist, to Hollywood, to the media, to the politicians, and every #StayNasty #NotMyPresident #NeverTrump agitator; we are officially putting you on notice. As it has been written “’No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is from Me,’says the Lord.” Therefore, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence; we pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor. We will, once again, reclaim our birthright. Thank You. Stay safe and stay vigilant. God Bless you and may He keep the Republic.