Proof in the Putin: The Truth Behind the Russian Hacking Scandal

President Obama is no stranger to tantalizing Russia and has even seemed to make it a hallmark of his administration, stemming all the way back to 2014 when the US sanctioned Russia over the Crimea crisis. In July, it was discovered that US arms were used to shoot down Russian military. As Obama finishes his last few months in office, his animosity towards Russia has not changed.

In the run-up to the presidential election, the establishment hinted that Russia was going to hack the elections; a planted trial balloon of sorts intended to plant the seeds of chaos in the minds of the American people. Of course, following the election, the administration went to task, utilizing their own brand of Orwellian doublespeak to disseminate their propagandized talking points, far and wide. Despite allegations of Russian hacking being debunked by every intelligence organization, including James Clapper, the president and his allies in the lame-stream media have continued their diatribe.

Going one step further, the Globalists went on the offensive, attacking conservative media icons like Alex Jones, Matt Drudge, and Ron Paul as well as President-Elect Donald Trump; slandering them as “fake news” and going as far as labeling them Russian agents. Not only did they, by de-facto, accuse independent media of espionage and treason; acts punishable by death. On Christmas Day, with China’s blessing, Obama established the Global Engagement Center to fight “fake news.” Facebook announced they would also join the fight, partnering with Snopes to censor conservative messages.

On December 15th, Obama spoke with Putin, via the red phone system, to threaten retaliation for election hacking. He later told NPR, “I think there is no doubt that when any foreign government tries to impact the integrity of our elections that we need to take action and we will at a time and place of our own choosing.”

Just a few days later, Russian ambassador to Turkey, Andrey Karlov was shot in the back by his security guard, at an art gallery in Ankara. This assassination came just days before Russia, Iran, and Turkey were scheduled to hold talks on the ongoing Syrian conflict. Turkey had already declared war on Syria and vowed to topple Assad. However, by declaring war on Syria, Turkey was by default declaring war on Russia, due to Russia’s longtime presence in the region.

Russian MP, Alexey Pushkov, stated the assassination was “a result of political and media hysteria around Aleppo sown by the enemies of Russia.” The head of the nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia, Vladimir Zhirinovsky speculated it was “a false flag operation by the West.” Frank Klintesevich, Kremlin senior senator commented,“It was a planned action. Everyone knew that he was going to attend this photo exhibition… it is highly likely – that representatives of foreign NATO secrets services are behind it…What has happened is a true provocation, a challenge. It is a challenge for Russia.”

Just mere hours before Ambassador Karlov’s assassination, high-ranking Russian diplomat Petr Polshikov was shot in the head in his Moscow home. Less than one week later, a Russian military plane mysteriously crashed into the Black Sea, leading to 92 dead including 64 members of the beloved Alexandrov military music ensemble.

While these events may be pure coincidence and unrelated it is far more likely these actions were masterfully orchestrated by the Obama administration and/or NATO operatives. There is a clear history of assassinations of foreign diplomats being used to spark World Wars. We all recall Obama promising more flexibility with Russia after the election. Is this perhaps what he was referring to? These events seem an awfully lot like the vengeance Obama promised at the “time and place of our own choosing.”

In the final days of the Obama administration, in an unprecedented move, the government has ordered 35 Russian diplomats to be expelled from the United States and for two Russian facilities be shut down. Putin responded by vowing not to reciprocate what he coined as irresponsible ‘kitchen’ diplomacy” and went as far as to invite American diplomats to take part in the Kremlin Christmas celebrations.

Still, as Putin takes the moral high road and refuses to feed into Obama’s attempts to start World War III, an event that would secure his legacy and allow him to remain in office, the administration continues to blame Russia for anything and everything that may go wrong. After eight years, it seems they have given up on blaming Bush, instead utilizing Russia as their scapegoat for the weak-minded. The corporate media continues to perpetuate ‘fake news’ abiding by Obama’s anti-Russia talking points, crafting false news stories to influence the public’s perception of Russia in an apparent attempt to justify military action. CNN continues to claim Russia hacked the eastern power grid, despite that fact that only malware of Russian origination was found on a private laptop. Many speculate these stories are conditioning for some false flag operation to take down the power grid, blame Russia, and keep Trump from assuming office. After all, NATO is known for these types of operations.

At the time of publishing, no credible evidence has been offered to substantiate any claims of Russian election hacking, and the only reference comes from a sub-group of the CIA that was ordered to lie by the president. Even then, they claim Russia merely influenced the election, not physically hacking the results. In fact, the only election hacking that can be verified was committed by the US Government’s Department of Homeland Security as they attempted to hack into the voting systems of multiple states. At the same time, Obama encouraged more than three million illegals to vote, promising there would be no consequences. Current analysis demonstrated Hillary proceeded to steal five states successfully.

The Obama administration’s plan must be exposed, and in his remaining days, the American public must remain vigilant. Additionally, the assassinations must be investigated, and any sabotage of the downed Russian plane needs to be looked into. Putin must be commended for his non-interventionist attitude in American-Russian relations, and the world looks forward to improved diplomacy under Trump’s administration.